Spurtles in the morning light
Spurtles in the morning light

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"The spurtle is a wooden Scottish kitchen tool, dating from the fifteenth century, that is used to stir porridge, soups, stews and broths"
There is a joy in using the right tool for the job, and if you are making porridge and you do not like lumps, then a spurtle is your friend. Basically just a stick, the rod shape does not drag like a spoon leading to a silky smooth and satisfying breakfast.
Use it for porridge of course, but also for soups and stews - just remember to always use your right hand and go in a clockwise direction (if you don't want the pixies to get you that is).
  • Made her in Hawkes Bay from recycled timber.
  • Sizes vary but generally are about 27cm long.
  • Easily maintained natural Coconut oil finish, hand wash and re- oil occasionally.