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Cauliflower Essentials - The Knitted Cushion

  Most items in our store, being handmade invite you to touch them. But by far the favourite are our knitted cushions. Not only can nobody walk past without running their fingers across but most people pick them up to cuddle. They are soft, warm and comforting, whispering to you "welcome home". Knitting as a craft goes back a long way and despite their contemporary style and colourway Nicola generally knits in one of two traditional styles, Aran and Fair Isle. They are named after two islands, the Aran Isles lie off Ireland and the style is easily recognisable by the twisted cable pattern running down. Fair Isle lies between Orkney and Shetland north of Scotland and is characterised by...

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Sustainability - Sarah Douglas, Weaver

Sara learnt to weave fifteen years ago and loves to keep the tradition of hand weaving alive in these times of automation.  Hand woven fabric is light, soft and warm, and very sustainable. It has a beauty that can not be matched by machine made textiles.

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The Count Down is on

Later this week we will be closing the doors on our existing base and moving up to a bigger and brighter beautiful base.  Well it will be eventually.

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